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take me faraway

I'm back
After 10 years, I'm back to LJ to check some updates on Arashi. Anyway, been addicted to Rooftop Prince lately. So expectedly, I love Park Yoochun! :)

That's all for now. :)

A busy Arashi fangirl

Because I'm a busy working fangirl, I tend to forget to check for Arashi updates. :( In fact, I've never been able to watch any of their jdoramas, MVs, shows or even see their pictures.

To show that my fangirling never falters (i hope), sharing a picture of them.

Arashi #1 in Singles - Oricon
Congrats to Arashi for making it to the top singles in Oricon!!!

Arashi's "Love Rainbow" sold 529,000 copies to dominate the charts. Of the group's four singles released so far this year, three have sold more than half a million in their first week.

Source: Tokyograph (http://www.tokyograph.com/news/id-6631)

Happy 11th Anniversary ARashi!!!
Though I'm a day late...let's celebrate the 11th year of Arashi. 11 years of great music, success and good friendship!

Happy Anniversary Arashi-chan!!! :)

Thanks for making us the joy and insipiration you bring to fans...we love you!

My VOX account is closing
I'm transferring my blog here...


Friendship Festival _ Korea and Philippines
To commemorate the 60th anniversary of friendship between Korea and Philiipines (60 yrs? wow! never thought that long), there'll be a Friendship Festival in the last week of November. Part of this festival is Kpop concert to be held in CCP on Nov 27th. This sponsored by Arirang and NBN.

friendship festival

And guess who's part of this Kpop concert??!!!


How to get a ticket?

It's quite disappointing that there's no ticket reservation or whatsoever. It's thru lottery. Only lucky winners will be able to attend this event

For ticket application, go to arirang website and fill out the form. Remember this is only available from November 16-20, 2009 only.

Who knows, you might be lucky, like me (cross-finger), to meet Shinee and witness this event!

See you there!

I've been to ArashiLand!

Finally!!! My dream has come true! 

I was given a chance to go to my dream land --- JAPAN!!! which I also consider as Arashi Land.  Though I know that's it's impossible for me to see them in person, I was hoping I could see them even at least a glimpse of them - in streets while strolling, in convenience store while buying stuffs or even in the train. 

Then I realized that Tokyo is a big city. So the probability of seeing them is 1%. Oh well! At least I could breathe the same air as the Arashi. :D  And, I've been to Osaka too.  I found the Johnny's there. :D


Have lots of things to say...and have lots of things to do...so I'll just post some of my pics... will update this as soon as I can. as soon as my work allows me. lol

then of course i bought some arashi stuff. ^_^



****more pics to post****

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Otanjoubi omedetou, Jun-kun!

I'll be offline on August 30 that's why im posting my birthday greeting in advance.

Happy Birthday, Matsumoto Jun!

To celebrate, I'm going to post some of his pictures.  It's hard to pick which ones will I post since Jun looks good in all of his pics. I know you would agree with me.

Here you go...

Chibi days...Undoubtly this kawaii chibi would turn into a gorgeous man


Chibi days with Arashi!



aren't they cute!!!! ^_^

Gokusen days! who would forget Sawada Shin?


and the adamant Ban Shogo aka Bambino! *miss the pasta*


and of course, the most loved, ever dashing and  sweet (despite his DoS attitude) Domyoji Tsukasa (Hana Yori Dango!!!

*random pics*




and finally....kakkoi jun!


Arashi pics


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*banzai! just got my AAA 2008 DVD after 10 years of waiting. due to many holiday this month, delivery of my order was delayed. but it doesn't matter anymore. i'm so happy ~shiawase~ my colleagues are happy too..for me.  :)

*extended 1.5 hours after work....not due to business-related reasons. but rather...resumed downloading videos. more way to go! you know, i just started being a fan last december. and arashi's been in the business for almost 10 years! so it's hard to catch up. glad to meet generous arashi fans who share some arashi rabu :)

*melai-chan shared some of her new downloads. i shared mine with her as well.

*as a gratitude, i made an edited picture of nino...with our names on it

thinking nino

* will go home after this...excited to watch my new DVD.  originally, i was planning to watch maou later. but i've changed plans.  so it will be a sleepless saturday, i guess.

ja neh! ^_^


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